ISS Grade 6: Mr. Catanzaro LA/SS
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Dan Deininger
12/2/2009 01:43:04 pm

Very cool stuff Doug! I registered, and tried to leave a comment, but I don't think it went.

Just wanted you to know I DID check out your site. Keep up the great work. If your girls are in this school I think they're in a wonderful place!

It says I'm contributing anonymously - but I did log in! I'm trying.

Carrie Quinn
3/3/2010 03:48:04 am

Hi! I am a sixth grade teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. I am interested in the Mesopotamia day that your class has. I would like to complete a Cuniform writing project in my class and am looking for ideas. Can you share what your class does with ancient civilizations?


Brandon Husfelt
9/9/2010 05:44:53 am

Mr. Cat, wow its been a long time, i dont know if u remember me but i had u for eight grade from sand creek, i just graduate from colonie high, i see life is pretty good for you glad, u tried something new..

ryan bowers
9/9/2010 08:03:22 am

Hey Mr Cat. how are you? So cool that brandon found this website. we had a great time in your class. i am a huge beatles fan. i know that would make you happy. we wondered if you were on facebook


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