ISS Grade 6: Mr. Catanzaro LA/SS

Friday: Morning Boats, Cabin Cleaning, Packing and Departure Home

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Today we departed Fevik at 10:30 and returned exactly at our estimated time of arrival, 14:40!  What great timing.
Before we left, we enjoyed another great sunny day and the students had free time before departure.  They got to sail, boat, fish, play ping-pong, play football or just hang out in their clean cabins one last time!

Congratulations to the students, chaperones and Fevik staff!  It was a great Leirskole week.  Have a happy and safe fall break.

Thursday: Sailing/Rowing, Trip to Grimstad and Last Evening Social

On Thursday, the groups took motor boats into the town of Grimstad.  Under sunny skies and calm conditions, students journey through the canals, bounced on the open sea's waves and walked though the town of Grimstad.  Afterward, we stopped on an island and learned the legendary story of Terje Vigen.

We returned to campus for pasta dinner before our diploma, cake and dance festivities.  Fevik Maritime Leirskole er flott!

Wednesday: Learn about Norway's Fish, Sailing and Enjoying Fevik

Today the groups switched itineraries and half of the students rowed out to the islands for a picnic lunch.  Upon returning, they were given a sea lesson about tides, distances and basic sailing.  In the afternoon, this group learned to sail.  The other half of the group, having rowed to the islands and learned sailing yesterday, took their turn learning the names and habits of the Norwegian fish.  After lunch, they took out to the the fishing nets, pulled up our daily catch and untangled the nets.  Students learned the advantages and difficulties to net fishing.

Now that all students have been trained in sailing, the sail boats will also be available for use during free time.  The row boats and dock fishing still remain popular activities.  Swimming and petting the stray cat "Karl" are also popular pasttimes.  The students are enjoying serving each other for meals, packing their own lunch (see the Tuesday photo album to watch Mr. Riedel demonstrate "matpakker" technique) and eating lots of Norsk mat!

Tuesday: Fun and Fish at Fevik

Student Observations so far:
"I survived the ride!"
"Don't throw jelly fish."
"THIS is how you put fish on the hook...oops."
"This is either a huge fish or the biggest piece of sea weed ever!"
"We learned how to row...but we went at circles at first."
"We shall call this fish...Mr. Cat!"
"My bait flew off when I cast my line!"
"Throwing shoes at each other is not the best way to be a cabin group."
"Teamwork pays off well!"
"Rowing hurts your hands."

More Maritime Fun at Fevik

Monday: Arrival in Fevik

Monday: The students arrived in Fevik after a scenic bus trip along the southern shores of Norway.  After meeting the instructors and learning safety rules, they moved into their cabins.  The afternoon was spent fishing and rowing, before pølse and mashed potatoes dinner.

In the evening, the students watched a slideshow that explained what they would learn this week.  As I write this, a cloudless Tuesday morning is unfolding over the fjord.  This looks to be a great day to learn how to pull up fishing nets and sail, today's two main activities.

Cabins, Swimming and Boating